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Where to Find Me

If you'd like to get in touch with me, here are some ways to do it. These are the places I mostly hang out currently, and I'll be changing this as my social habits change.


You can email me at the following address. It's a graphic, to keep spammers from harvesting it, so you'll have to type it in by hand, or you can just click on it to get a form that you can use to send me email:

Instant Messaging

I'm often on a lot of instant-messaging systems. But beware: Don't just add me and expect me to allow it. There are IM spammers too, so if I get a friend request from some random person, there's no way I can know that they aren't some spambot that will do nothing but randomly send me links to pay websites. If I get an IM buddy request from some account I don't recognize, I deny it. Email me first, or make contact some other way, and let me know the name of the account that's going to be sending me a friend request.

Art Sites

Yes, I do some artwork. I created all or most of the graphics on this site. You can find more of my art in places like these:

Social Sites

These are some social sites that you can follow me on:

Web Forums

These aren't really the ideal place to get in touch with me, because you'd have to sign up for them first and then hunt around to find me on there, but who knows? You might like them.