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"Hoosier High Chair" Central Indiana AB/DL Munch

Monthly meet and greet for Indiana-area AB/DLs! Check out our Google group for discussion and announcements.

You are not alone! Meet other AB/DLs monthly!

AB/DL parties and other gatherings were scarce here in Indiana. The reason was that we Indiana AB/DLs didn't talk to each other much; nobody knew anybody else. My idea: Let's meet at a restaurant once a month, just to talk. It would, I hoped, form a baseline of social contact so that with any luck, other interactions could form — parties, other gatherings, maybe relationships. And since it began it seems to be working — so far there have been two parties in the past. Let's work toward having more in the future!

Date: April 21, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Golden Corral, 116 S Franklin Rd, Bloomington, Indiana — watch the Google group for details

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a "Munch?"
A "Munch" is a tradition from the BDSM (bondage, SM, kink, etc.) community, though it doesn't have anything to do with BDSM in itself. It's just a casual meeting at a restaurant or other public venue for food and discussion. Everybody pays his/her own way, and discussion is open to any and all topics. The first ones were held at hamburger joints and were called "Burgermunches," but they became just "Munches" when people started having them at other types of restaurants.
History lesson aside, this is basically an opportunity for AB/DL folks and interested parties in the Indiana area to get together, meet each other, talk, trade addresses, emails and phone numbers, and (I hope) plan other types of events. There needs to be a "baseline" social gathering point for us, and I'm hoping this can be it.
Who is invited to this event?
Adult babies, diaper lovers, infantilists, diaper fetishists, littles, people who love them, people who are interested in the subject — basically anybody who is interested enough to come and doesn't judge.
How much does it cost?
It's free. That is, I'm not charging anybody a cent. Incredible, isn't it? An AB event that doesn't charge any money. I'm not making any money from this; I'm organizing it to help AB/DLs in the area meet each other, and because I want to meet them too.
You pay for your own food and beverages, but it's up to you whether you want to eat, or just have a drink, or just sit and talk. Golden Corral is a buffet-style restaurant; I believe it's around $8 for all you can eat and around $2 for a beverage with free refills. I expect (and I think the restaurant expects this too for any given group) that some people will eat, some will just get drinks, and some will get neither. So if you're strapped for cash, you can come to this event and meet people, and the only money you'll spend is for gas. Not that gas is super cheap lately, but if you're looking to carpool, why not post to the Google group and ask whether anybody's coming from your area?
How do I get to the restaurant?
Google Maps might be able to help you — click here for a map.
To get there from the north on State Road 37, you want the 3rd St./Whitehall Pike exit. You'll probably already have seen the Golden Corral sign from the highway by this time. Turn left at the stoplight and drive over the overpass. Go straight through the next stoplight (because, if you turn, you'll be back on SR 37), but turn left at the very next light. You'll be on Franklin Road, which curves; just follow it around. You'll curve left toward a McDonald's, then right, and you should see the restaurant ahead on the left.
You could also get there from the south, driving north on SR 37. You'll get to this same exit (3rd St./Whitehall Pike), turn right at the stoplight (you'll want to be in the left lane after this turn), and turn left at the very next stoplight. Then you'll be on Franklin Road (see previous paragraph).
If you're coming from the west on SR 48, it's even easier, because that turns into Whitehall Pike, then 3rd Street. You'll come to the overpass over SR 37, go straight through the stoplights at either end, and turn left at the next light after the overpass. Then you'll also be on Franklin Road (see above for the rest, though you're almost there).
Coming from the west on SR 46, you're going to meet SR 37 a bit farther south — go over 37 on the overpass, then turn left at the stoplight onto 37, then look at the paragraph about coming in from the south on 37, because that's what you'll be doing.
If you're coming from the east, the easiest thing to do is to get on the bypass. Coming from the northeast on SR 45, just follow it (it turns into 10th St.) until you get to the 45/46 bypass; there's a big intersection with a huge IU apartment building ahead and a strip mall to your left. Turn right onto the bypass and follow it until you get to 37, whereupon you'll drive over the overpass and turn left onto 37 at the next stoplight. Then look at the paragraph about coming in from the north on 37.
If you're coming from the east on SR 46, it will turn into 3rd Street, and just as you're passing by College Mall (it's on the left), you'll get to a big intersection with College Mall Road and the 45/46 Bypass. You'll want to turn right at this intersection, which gets you onto the bypass, and at that point you'll just follow it until you can turn left onto 37 as in the previous paragraph.
Finally, if you're coming from the southeast on SR 446, it will end where it joins with 46. Turn left, and you'll be on 46 just as it's turning into 3rd Street. Look at the previous paragraph about coming into town from the east on 46 for the rest.
I'm nervous about meeting in a public place. Why are you having this in a restaurant instead of at someone's home?
Mostly because that would mean cleaning the house and possibly cooking. 8:-) It would also impose on my wife. I don't want to do it, and I don't want to impose on somebody else, especially not on a monthly basis. This is not to say that there might not be parties or get-togethers at other times.
But also, meeting in public seems to feel safer to more people than meeting in a private residence. After all, have you met the host before? Do you trust the host? I could be a psycho axe murderer for all you know. Or I might be some crazy guy who wants to post videos of you on YouTube. Basically I'm doing it this way because I hope it will help more people feel more comfortable. A lot less bad stuff can happen in public, and if you don't feel comfortable, it's much easier to just walk away. My hope is that meetings or parties can happen later, by invitation, among people who have become comfortable with and trusting of each other.
Can I wear diapers to the Munch?
Of course. Many of us (myself included) often wear diapers covertly under street clothes, without anybody ever noticing. Most people don't even consider the possibility that an adult might be in diapers. As for what to wear over the diapers, I would suggest wearing the same sort of clothing you might wear to any basic restaurant. To be blunt, I don't suggest wearing any obvious baby clothes. I want as many people to feel as comfortable attending as possible, and also I don't want you to get thrown out by the restaurant staff, over whom I have no control. However, adults have been known to wear Sesame Street sweatshirts, for example.
Sounds like the event will look just like a bunch of people at a table. How will I recognize the group?Linda the Bunny
My pink plush bunny rabbit, Linda, has become the munch's "mascot," in a way. If you see a table with a pink plush bunny on it, that's us. Keep in mind that I don't look much like a Jennie, not being female in real life. I usually try to wear my Littles and Baby Pride Pin. I don't want to put up a sign saying "AB/DL MUNCH" because I worry about that making some of us uncomfortable. I will understand if you come up to me and squint at my pin. 8:-)
Can I bring things to show or even sell to the Munch?
Yes, but please try to keep others' comfort level in mind. Someone who is worried about others knowing they're an AB/DL might be quite uncomfortable if someone at the same table was showing off a pacifier in such a way that people at other tables might see it. And showing diapers could give the restaurant staff the excuse to throw us out for health reasons. Showing around brochures or pictures, however, can't hurt much. And if you have something to sell, maybe you can leave the actual item in your car and bring pictures or literature into the restaurant to show people. Be discreet about showing AB/DL items, and everyone will probably be OK.
Q: Are there ever parties?
A: Sometimes. I've been to parties that took place at hotels and at people's private homes. These were, however, by invitation only. I didn't host them, but I think it's understandable that the host would want to have met the people who will be coming into his/her home, or will be chipping in for the hotel bill. This means that if you want to be considered for invitation to a party, you have to meet the people who might be hosting them — and one good way to do that is to come to Munches whenever you can. That's one of the reasons why I host this gathering, in fact — so people can meet each other, so that things like parties and other fun events can happen. Without the Munch and things like it, events like that couldn't happen at all.
Q: Why don't we have (event) next time instead of the Munch?
A: I don't want there to be a by-invitation event instead of the Munch, because I think there should be (at least) one AB/DL/etc. event per month that everyone is invited to. And even if it's not by-invitation, I don't want to have some other event at the same time that the Munch normally is, because there might be some who don't get the message and show up at the restaurant at the regular date and time, expecting there to be a Munch. Besides, replacing the Munch with some other event would mean that there would be the same number of AB/DL/etc. events that month, instead of there being an extra event — I think there should be extra fun! This is not to say that we couldn't (for example) go from the Munch to a movie or some other fun activity right afterward, though. I will always come to the Munch knowing what movies are playing at the nearby movie theater!
I have another question that isn't covered by this FAQ. How do I get it answered, or added to the FAQ?
Send it to me at . I'll respond to you in person, and if I think it's a common enough question I'll add it to this list.