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Hi! I'm LilJennie, and I want you to have fun!

This website is a source of original material of interest to adult babies (ABs), diaper lovers (DLs), littles, babyfurs, ageplayers, and those who love them. The fiction and nonfiction on this site is open, frank, and honest, sometimes brutally so. You have been warned.

There are also, of course, teen babies (TBs), which are of course the same thing as adult babies except for being under the age of majority (which varies depending on where you are). Some of the material on this site is not suitable for underage viewers. I urge you to become aware of the laws in your area, and if you are a parent and you suspect your child might be a TB, I urge you to discuss it with him or her and keep an open mind. (Note: Although this page may contain material unsuitable for children under 18, this page is not about child pornography or pedophilia.)

Brief Definitions

Infantilism just means "exhibiting infantile or immature traits," which is pretty vague, but in this context it means the practice of deliberately and consciously acting, dressing, and/or being treated like a baby, although there are many ways this can happen and many reasons why.

An adult baby is a biological adult who feels a need to act, dress, and/or be treated like a baby in one way or another. There are many different possible motivations for doing this.

A diaper lover is someone who has an attraction to wearing diapers. The attraction is usually sexual but not always.

A little is a biological adult who feels as if they are really a younger age inside and needs to express that inner child in some way. Also called an inner kid (IK). There is usually nothing sexual about this need.

A babyfur is a furry who is also an adult or teen baby -- or, if you prefer, an AB/TB who is also a furry (i.e. a member of a subculture embracing the identity of anthropomorphic animal characters commonly found in illustration, animation, and fiction).

An ageplayer is someone who incorporates roleplay as a different age into a relationship; this activity is called ageplay. This type of roleplay may or may not be sexual in nature, but in any case it is between consenting adults.

If any of the above describes you (or is close -- these definitions are really really short), this website might be for you!

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LilJennie is having a monthly AB/DL 'munch' for anybody in central Indiana who would like to attend and is an AB/DL or supportive of them! The next one is on August 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM in Bloomington, IN. Click here for more information.

In Real Life...

...my name is Tom Lee. I'm 43 years old, male, and married. I live in Indiana, USA. My wife knows all about the fact that I'm a baby girl on the inside, but although she does occasionally play with this side of me in small ways, she's not a "mommy" to me in any dedicated, continuous sense. Most of my friends know as well, in that I've told them, but I doubt they think about it much.

I currently wear diapers all the time. This is something I decided to start doing in 2008, when I was 39. Around this time I realized that I didn't feel like an adult who pretended to be a toddler now and then; I felt like a toddler who was pretending to be an adult most of the time. I consider myself to need diapers -- although it is an emotional need rather than a medical need. At the core I'm a small child and need comforting, and diapers are one way to provide that comfort. I regularly wet my diapers, but do not usually mess in them.

This site is rated using the SafeSurf and ICRA rating systems. This means that the pages of this site contain codes that can be used by parents or institutions to filter out certain types of possibly objectionable content. My hope is that through self-rating the Internet can avoid having censorship forced upon it by legislation. For information about how to filter out rated objectionable content, see the SafeSurf or ICRA home pages.

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