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One word, about the Pictures section: First of all, I have only pictures of myself, because those are the only ones I have permission to post, and besides, lots of other sites have picture archives. Also, I may be dressed a bit unusually in my pictures, but I'm dressed. They're not dirty pictures. There is a username and password required to access this page, but they're not exactly a secret — they're the "usual" ones, if you know what that means (it's kind of old now). If you don't, you can ask me. Remember that since I have other web pages, I won't necessarily know what you mean if you just say, "What's the password?" Rather, I suggest something like, "Dear Jennie, I'd love to see your baby pictures. Could you please send me the password? Love, (your name here)." Please do not print, archive or redistribute these pictures.

If you know the username and password, click here to go to the pictures.