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The AB/DL Signature Code, version 1.0

Devised by Tom Lee with contributions by Goofyy, Babycplay, Boogles

After seeing GrBear and others use the Furry Code, the Geek Code, the Plushie Code, and so forth, I thought it might be a good idea for us to have an adult baby/diaper lover code, to make it easier to express our likes to each other at a glance.

For those who aren't familiar, this is an example of a "signature code." You go through the list of symbols and assemble a line or two of codes, which you then place in your signature (the four or so lines that everybody sticks at the bottom of their email messages and Usenet posts). People familiar with the code can then look and see what you're into, then email you and say, "Hey, I like X too!"

This is version 1.0 of the AB/DL Code. That means that it has gone through a few revisions but is now in the proper shape for a final "release," although more revisions may (and probably will) happen in the future. These codes are often given version numbers so everybody knows which edition of the code is being used (the meanings of the letters can change). When you use the code, you should state at the beginning of the line that it's the AB/DL Code v1.0. I'm looking for suggestions of any kind, but especially in the areas of:

Here's a link to my email address so you can send me mail right from your browser:

And yes, to a large degree this is based on ("stolen from" if you prefer) the Furry Code, the Geek Code, various other signature codes, and also the code scheme from the DPF roster.

How It Works

The code is basically a list of what I'm going to call "fields," because they're kind of like database fields and also because they relate to fields of interest or activity. A field is represented by a letter of the alphabet, and for each field you use various characters to indicate your interest or disinterest in this subject or some other set of details about yourself. Instructions for each field are listed below. There are also some general modifiers that can be used to affect any field.

Most fields have to do with an activity (for example, D means diaper-wearing). The easy way to continue is to add pluses or minuses (or nothing) to indicate the degree to which you are interested in that activity (for example, D- means you'd rather not wear diapers, D by itself means you just wear them as part of the outfit, D+ means you wear them for fun, etc.). The general modifiers can be used to make additional statements about your interest in diapers (for example, !D means you refuse to have anything to do with diapers, and D? means you haven't decided how much you like diapers).

Quick Summary of Field Letter Codes

Here are all the code letters. Click on a letter to jump to a more detailed description of it, with examples.

Baby/Fetish Side Real Life
AAgeplay RLOccupational area
BBDSM Role aAge
CBaby Clothes cComputers
DDiapers dHave to wear diapers
FOther Fetishes eEducation
KSex preference for play partners fReal-Life expression
MMessing hHousing situation
OSpanking iInternet
PPlush critters kSexual orientation
SIn-Role Sex sReal-Life Sex
TTransformation wWriting

General Modifiers

These are modifiers that can be used with any field.

Part 1: Your Baby Or Fetish Side

A — In-role Age

Some of us like to roleplay that we're a different age than we really are. If you don't roleplay, feel free to leave this out, or use !A. Ages listed are approximate.

Use the 2 modifier if you want to specify the age range you like others to play in scenes. (Example: !A A2---- means "I would never roleplay a different age, myself, but I want the other person to roleplay a baby.") And feel free to use the slash if you're into playing more than one age. (Example: A----/--- means "I like to play either a baby or a toddler, but I prefer the baby role.")

B — BDSM role

Some of us are also into bondage, domination/submission or sadomasochism. Nothing wrong with that, but if you're not into it leave it out or use !B. If you wish you may indicate the role(s) you enjoy.

If you do more than one of these, just use slashes. (Example: if you're into being either dominant or submissive but prefer the submissive role, use Bs/d.) Or, if you don't want to "prioritize," just lump them together after the B (Example: Bds).

C — Baby Clothes

Many ABs/DLs like to dress up!

Add an m after the C if you've made your own baby clothes. (Example: Cm++ means "I'll wear baby clothes in situations where they're uncommon, and I've made my own.") You can use 2 if you want to specify how much you enjoy putting others into baby clothes. (Example: C- C2+ means "I'm not much into wearing baby clothes myself, but I enjoy putting someone else in baby clothes and taking them to an AB party, costume party, etc.")

D — Diapers

Here's what it's all about.

Note that you can use the 2 modifier to say both how much you like to wear diapers and how much you like to diaper others. (Example: D+ D2++ means "I wear diapers sometimes myself, but I want to keep somebody else in diapers at all times.")

F — Other fetishes and kinks

OK, so maybe diapers aren't the only thing in the world. If you're into any of these and want to include it, here's how.

If you're into more than one of these, you have a choice. You can rank them from most favorite to least favorite, using slashes (Example: Fp/l/i), or you can just lump them all together after the F (Example: Filp). You can also use the 2 modifier to state which of these you like done to you and which of these you like to do to others (Example: Fki F2ei means, "I like to receive golden showers and to cross-dress others, but I like both to give and receive bondage").

K — Who you'll play with

Use this code if you want to tell everybody who you're willing to play with, where diapers and/or baby things are concerned. This is not necessarily the same thing as your sexual orientation; there's another code for that later. Loosely based on the Kinsey scale.

First, list your preference:

Next, add the strength of your preference. (Here, x means either m or f, whichever you chose. Don't actually type Kx++!)

Example: Kf+++ means you will only consider roleplaying with females. Km+ means you don't care much, but have somewhat of a preference for males.

If you have different preferences for the "caretaker" or "fellow baby" roles, indicate these with a c or b right after the K. (Example: If you want a female caretaker exclusively but don't care whether a fellow baby is male or female, use Kb0 Kcf+++.)

M — Messing

Uh-oh, smells like somebody needs a change!

Feel free to use the 2 modifier to specify how much you would want another person in your scene to mess himself/herself. (Example: M- M2+ means "I'm not into messing myself, but I want to play with somebody who messes his/her diapers.")

O — Spanking

Many of us are into spanking or being spanked. Here you can specify how much you like it and even throw in some details.

First, put in the details, if you wish.

Then add how much you like it (or dislike it).

Example: Okp+ means you like over-the-knee spankings and paddles, while in a baby role.

This is another good place to use the 2 modifier if you like (or dislike) spanking others. Example: Os+ O2b++ means, "I like to receive spankings with a slipper while in a baby role, but I love spanking my partner with a hairbrush whether they're in a baby role or not."

P — Plush critters

Lots of us love these!

S — In-Role Sex

Some infantilists roleplay (for example, as a baby). Use this code, if you wish, to indicate what sex you roleplay as. Feel free to use the # ("mind your own business") or ! ("nothing to do with me") modifiers if you prefer. (You may, of course, use the other general modifiers if, for example, you play different roles at different times.)

First, what sex(es) do you roleplay?

Next, how much does sexual activity figure in your roleplay?

Examples: If you roleplay as a boy and wish absolutely no sex, use Sm--. If you roleplay as an intersexed female and have no problem with sex at all, use Sif++.

T — Transformation

If some magic or technology made it possible, would you want to become a real baby?

W — Wetting

Many ABs and DLs like to wet their diapers (or pants, or bed, or ...)

Feel free to use the 2 modifier to specify how much you would want another person you were "playing" with to wet himself/herself. (Example: W+++ W2+++ means "I love to wet anytime, and I want the person I play with to also wet anytime.")

Part 2: Real Life

RL — Occupational area

What do you do for a living?

A few special cases:

Add a * after the code if you're trained or experienced in the field, but haven't managed to persuade anyone to actually pay you to do it yet (this doesn't apply to RLU or RL-). And feel free to use the slash if you're doing more than one of these for a living, or are at least experienced/trained in more than one.

a — Age

If you prefer, you can use a number to indicate your exact age rather than using one of the approximate codes. (Example: If you're 30, you could use a+ or a30 -- or a#, of course.)

c — Computers

Since you're probably reading this on a computer screen, there's a good chance you have some familiarity with the technology. Use this code to tell us how much of a Computer Geek you are.

If your rating is at least c, add one or more of the following letters (just after the c) to indicate your preferred operating environment:

Example: cn++ means, "I use Windows 95, 98, or NT, and computers are a large part of my life."

d — Need to wear diapers

Are you actually incontinent of bladder and/or bowel?

Example: Use d+ to indicate that you have to wear diapers at night for one reason or another.

If you want to be more specific, you can use dm and dw to indicate your level of bowel and bladder continence separately. (Example: dm dw+ means you wet at night, but have no bowel incontinence problems.)

e — Education

How far have you managed to crawl up the academic ladder?

f — Real-life fetish factor

How far does your infantilism or diaper fetish spill over into your other life? Or, to put it another way, how far do you allow the mundane world to get in the way of the important things in life?

h — Housing

What sort of home do you live in?

i — Internet

Add a * after the i if you have your own home page on the Web; make it *a if your page mentions ABs/DLs.

k — Sexual orientation

If you want to express your sexual orientation in your code, here's how. If you don't want to, you can leave it out, or use the # general modifier to say k#: "My sexual orientation is none of your business!" Once again, this is loosely based on the Kinsey scale.

First, list your preference:

Next, add the strength of your preference. (Here, x means either m or f, whichever you chose above.)

Example: kf+++ means you are only attracted to females. km+ means you're mostly bisexual, but have somewhat of a preference for males.

s — Real-life sex

Use this code, if you wish, to describe your sex (and sex life). As with the in-role sex code, you should feel free to use the # ("mind your own business") or ! ("nothing to do with me") modifiers if you prefer.

First, which sex are you?

If you are transsexual, feel free to use sf>m (female, transitioning to male in future), sm<f (male, transitioned from female in past), sm>f (male, transitioning to female in future), or sf<m (female, transitioned from male in past). Or just say who you are now.

If you wish to reveal any details of your sex life, add one of these codes:

Examples: sm+ means "I'm male, and I'm not a virgin." sf<m++ means "I'm female, but I used to be male, and I'm what you might call sexually active."

w — Writing

Some of us have written down our fantasies (or other stories), and some have actually been published!

For those who have made sales, use w+, etc. if your stories or books are infantilism/diaper related, w*, etc. if not.

By Tom Lee ("LilJennie") — e-mail

AB/DL code 1.0: A-/--/--- Bs Cm+ D+ Fdeip Kf+ M O+ P++ S(im/f/m)+ T++ W+
RLCT/S*/LW*/M* a+ c(l/m)+++ d- e+++ f~+ h+++ i*a+++ kf++ sm* w+

That code broken down into its parts as an example:

Geek Code v3.12: GCS/S/M/L d- s+:- a- C++ UL++ P+++ L+++ E++ W++ N++ o K w-- M+ V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5++ X+ R b+++ DI+ D+ G e+++ h--- r+++ y+++